Value Proposition


Computer Aided Design has transformed engineering over the last 50 years.

In product development CAD is used to streamline the whole Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from conception and collaborative product design to manufacturing, service and disposal. In architecture CAD has helped to rapidly create models and prototypes for visualization and exploration. 

CAD has brought speed, rapid prototyping, quicker visualization, integration, better collaboration, 

simulation and better planning to engineering, architecture and design. It has helped eliminate 

cumbersome tasks that had to be done manually (e.g. drawing & redrawing) and opened a whole new world of opportunities (e.g. exploration). 

What if those benefits were applied to software solutions? 


Move from "handwritten" coding to models crafted rapidly with the help of software tools. Standardization of some tasks improves the speed and quality of design. Changes of an existing model can easily be achieved. 

Sharing & Collaboration

CAD4Data standardizes some aspects of the design process while it leaves space for creativity. CAD4Data models can be exchanged among different people and groups.


CAD4Data helps groups to rapidly develop different versions of business models


CAD4Data helps make abstract concepts more visual and understandable. The links 

between the different building blocks become more apparent. This assists with decision making whilst navigating through a complex solution.


CAD4Data brings experts, architects, developers, testers and delivery managers together around one common model

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

CAD4Data makes it easy to move from conception to release


With CAD4Data it is possible to simulate certain aspects of the model (e.g. if a change is 

applied to the solution then what impact would this have?). 


The use of CAD4Data for solution development brings the benefits of physical engineering to the softer world of logical engineering. 

Don’t labour your solution, seek clarity by fidelity.