Smart is a patented code accelerator specifically designed to reduce the overhead incurred when developing complex data-based projects. Smart generates stand-alone code which the user can install within their organisation. Smart resides within an SQL-Server database and is controlled through a MS-Excel spreadsheet. 

Smart cleanly separates the logical intent of a system (Logic Map) from the implementation ( Term Map). All elements of a Smart system are held within a single language agnostic Smart Map. A Smart Map is used to describe any system in any industry compliant form.

Native to Smart is the ability to automatically create colour coded diagrams that clearly show the flow of data through a system. Drawings are refreshed after every change. SQL Code is also automatically generated and can be run across live data at any time. This automation allows for more time being spent perfecting the design.

Smart allows for assumptions to be tested during the design phase which allows for agile and accurate decision making. Smart Maps can model any system and provide an uninterrupted view across the technology stack. As proof of its capabilities, Smart itself is entirely written using Smart.

Smart is Set based and allows complex systems of any size to be described using business terms. Actions are implemented in any language, when multiple languages are specified Smart will generate code for each of those languages. Rules are central to Smart Maps allowing for maximum reuse and reduction of complexity.

The Smart Map is common across each value proposition that CAD4Data offers. The Smart Map can be developed or derived allowing for unparalleled visibility from high level to high fidelity.



Enjoy the View

Data Landscaping is a CAD4Data process that enables an organisation to consolidate its assets, either in people, specifications, code or aspiration into a single Smart Map that provides all the links between each element at any level of fidelity.

Once collected the landscaper can then inquire the Smart Map for abstractions of this data to suit the level of detail required at the time.

A strategic overview can be visualised by trimming away the detail and concentrating on large system integrations. Once an understanding has been achieved and verified by system experts, then areas of opportunity are revealed.

Detail can be added to these areas and the system analysed for patterns and simplifications. When a change has been identified it may be virtually run to check for inconsistencies and errors. Simulated data may be run through to check assumptions.

Impact of change can be traced through the wider system and simulations may be performed for proposed changes. Audit queries are easily met with fully transparent lineage. The Smart Map is a key asset to estimating and delivering on promises.



Unprecedented levels of control

Computer systems consist of paths of logic through which data flows. Data viewed at any point of a system is the result of the inputs after rules are applied. Inputs and outputs which are chained together provide an outcome that can be understood and accepted by a business.

  • Zoom Out for an overview
  • Zoom In to detail
  • Focus on a subject area
  • Trace from a single point outwards
  • Impact to understand change

CAD4Data offers the ability to view a computer system like never before



A Firm Hand

Computer systems improve over time, each iteration introduces new vendors and new capabilities. The underlying intent of a system can easily be obscured over time as knowledge moves on and functionality overlaps. Managing change on a multi vendor legacy environment is a challenge that grows as the business grows. CAD4Data provides a unique toolset for managing and controlling your systems as they evolve.

CAD4Data stores the intent of a system separately from the implementation. CAD4Data tools provide an unambiguous map of the entire system from end to end crossing technology boundaries and beyond into users, security and configuration.

Specifications, code and metadata from legacy systems can be read into a Smart Map using Smart Readers which take your assets and convert them into a single platform independent Smart Map. Smart Maps are then automatically visualised as staged drawings. Inquiries may be performed against the Smart Map to find redundancies, perform impact analysis, meet audit requirements and improve estimations.

Working groups are able to collaborate using the Smart Map as a common language, proposals can be simulated and efficiencies identified. The normally opaque nature of computer code is laid out in sharp relief for explanation and approval.

Strengthen desirable characteristics and remove weaknesses.



Move your Data Assets

Migration of data from legacy systems to green fields is simple with CAD4Data.


Existing assets are scanned and code automatically generated to move data out of the old system. 


Data cleansing is performed according to auditable rules. Data transformation is performed over multiple stages, slicing and splicing your data, with full traceability available at any stage of the process. 


Term mapping maintains the lineage between the source system and the target system. Late changes are easily handled through the Smart Maps internal consistency checks.

Reduce the risk of the unknown by bringing your systems into high fidelity allowing for assurance of delivery.



Bringing it all together

An organisation's success depends upon its ability to identify and react to changes in expected behaviour. Statements as to the smooth running of an organisation are verified by facts that back up the assertions. The level of detail and trust in those facts is a factor of the data available.

CAD4Data automates the process of collecting, cleaning and delivering the data in a form that allows for any question to be posed and refined whilst maintaining full audit lineage on the results.

Standard design patterns allow for easy integration with any data of any shape to an accurate query form.



Let's make anything

The CAD4Data method is Turing complete. This means that it is able to describe any system including itself. Through its ability to read legacy code into a Smart Map and write code in a chosen language from a Smart Map it effectively closes the loop on any design process.

The basic building block of a Smart Map is a single relationship. Groups of relationships are collected into functions. Groups of functions are collected to make systems. The learning curve is short and there are no limits.

Every engagement encounters new challenges along with already solved problems. CAD4Data uses standard patterns for meeting most challenges whilst integrating exceptions seamlessly.

CAD4Data solutions can be configured to be written in any language and do not require a CAD4Data licence to deploy. CAD4Data is native to the cloud and is can also reside on-premise. CAD4Data solutions can be run into distributed environments simultaneously with local environments allowing for rapid releases from conception to production.

CAD4Data is a complete language that can be learned in a couple of hours that has no limitations and no peer.